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Modern computers

Polygame owns and maintains a set of modern gaming computers for its members in JMT 11 CD clubroom. These computers can be used freely in the clubroom or be rented out for events.

We have 5 of more modern Ryzen computers which contain the following parts

And 5 older Ryzen computers

We also have some older gaming computers available too and a gaming laptop


Polygame also has a few video game consoles. These include

Polygame TV selection

Home computers

Polygame also has a few home computers. These include

Lights and smokemachines

Polygame also has lights and smokemachines which can be rented. These include

Network and power

Polygame also has networking and power equipment which can be rented. These include

If you have questions or you want to rent something please contact the board via email at polygame-hal (at) list.ayy.fi