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Polygame is a gaming and LAN party association for all students of Aalto University. ‭Join here! It's free of charge. Our primary discussion channels are:


The Jämeräntaival 11 CD OtaHOAS tenant clubroom is open for everyone on most evenings. There are facilities for watching movies, kitchen and 12 computers for everyone to use. Older video gaming consoles are also available for those who need to quench their retro gaming thirst.

Entrance is through the C staircase; should the door be locked, knock on the window with blue curtains. If you're unsure whether the club room is open, ask via our usual communication channels, listed above. Private reservations for tenants can be done through the OtaHOAS web reservation form.


Want to host a computer gaming event and need electric and networking hardware? Need some mood lighting and smoke for a party? We've got you covered. For further inquiries, contact our board via polygame-hal (at) list.ayy.fi